Hi, I’m Leslie Mock. Welcome to The Innerpreneur.

This is about life as an introverted entrepreneur and the journey of doing things our way by putting our passions to work to quietly rule the world. We are the Innerpreneurs.

My journey to being an introvert entrepreneur.
Like most of you I worked for someone else. I did well. I traveled, made presentations, held meetings. The usual work stuff. Finding out I was an “I” in my early 20’s had been hugely validadtinghonestly didn’t think back Like a lot of people I had a dream of putting my ideas to work

We approach things differently…

The Innerpreneurs is a place for introvert entrepreneurs to join together to help each other realize our dreams. In the coming weeks you’ll find lots more information, courses and community support to help you in your Innerpreneur journey. Please be sure to sign up below to get the latest news and updates as our site rapidly expands.

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